Week Thirty-Three: 21 graces.

August 23, 2013

For an introduction to 21 Graces, visit this post. It's never too late to jump on in!

  1. A date night provided by a sweet family friend who watched Liam.
  2. Using coupons to pay for dinner (and literally only paying for drinks and the tip).
  3. Christian-based financial advisement.
  4. Quickly knocking out errands with Liam tagging along.
  5. Having a couple who is expecting their first over for dinner to talk all things babies.
  6. Paletas.
  7. Receiving wise advice on selling/trading one of our cars (from a dealer nonetheless).
  8. All three of us in a laughing fit.
  9. Liam putting himself to sleep at night once he hits the crib.
  10. Using my lunch break to run baby-free errands.
  11. Liam sitting in the cart at Target (which is so much easier!).
  12. Catching a Cops marathon on T.V. after work.
  13. Listening to the new John Mayer album over and over.
  14. Restaurants that let grown adults order kids' meals.
  15. Seeing Liam's first tooth right there.
  16. Liam being an official sitter.
  17. Getting my sewing machine in the mail thanks to birthday money.
  18. Hand-me-downs for Liam to to grow into.
  19. Starting Bible Study up again after a summer hiatus.
  20. A Starbucks gift card from my brother- and sister-in-law to allow myself to splurge on morning coffee.
  21. Liam rocking back and forth on his hands and knees as a (somewhat scary but somewhat proud) sign we might have a crawler sooner than we think.

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  1. I'm a little late to the party this week :-( Love #2 - we just did the same thing last night!!! Have a blessed week


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