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September 05, 2013

My husband I both have iPhones and we share an iPad. I actually bought my iPhone a couple of years ago, and within a week of looking over my shoulder and seeing all that this little phone could do, my husband traded in his Blackberry and never looked back.

This past spring, we gifted ourselves an iPad just before Liam was born. It was perfect for those early weeks of late nights and early mornings, and it was convenient for me to have on hand staying at home with a newborn. Now? It's just fun. (And still super convenient for traveling and when one hand or arm is occupied by the baby.)

We have apps and apps and more apps, but there are a few that are my favorite, daily, go-to apps.

1. Instagram

If you want to see my daily life, just follow me on Instagram: @jordyliz. Mia used to be the star, but she has since been replaced by Liam. I often say that if it wasn't for my iPhone, I'd have no pictures of the kid. I also love the connections I've made through Instagram with other mamas out there.

2. Afterlight

While Instagram has a lot of fun filters, I often use Afterlight to make my pictures just right. This app gives you the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity and sharpness, and also has a ton of filters you can apply pre-Instagramming.

3. Feedly
Since Google Reader is no longer, I've switched to Feedly. I have this app on both my iPhone and the iPad, but I prefer reading it on my iPad. It has a great visual interface and makes reading blogs even more fun than it already is.

4. Huffington Post

I love the personal touch of the news stories on Huffington Post. I have this app on the iPad and I selected certain "front pages" I want to see: top news, entertainment, women, parenting, good news. It's a nice break from the sad, violent, scary news, and I can choose what pops up.

5. Draw Something

This game is perfect for the creative types. Similar to Pictionary, you draw something and then the other person guesses what it is. It's funny, entertaining, and gets those creative juices flowing.

6. Cartwheel for Target

I love good deals and Target is typically a great place to find them. The Cartwheel app has special discounts to use on products you're most likely already buying. I keep it handy when I'm shopping and add the deals to my "cartwheel" as I shop. For example, when I use this app and my Target RedCard, I save over $2 on formula each week. That may not be much, but it adds up!

What are your favorite apps?

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  1. I wonder how many of us would put Instagram in our top five. Love it!!


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