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September 25, 2013

I have several posts swirling around in my head and I hope to have a few moments this weekend to get them on this screen. (Ahem, Liam.) Until then, here are some feel-good stories and posts I've been collecting to share with you. 

Carry On: Why I Stayed
A former ESPN producer fosters a special bond with two young athletes.

We Are Each Other's Keepers
How we are each other's "keepers" as parents.

Seven Ways to Labor and Deliver Your Best Life
An open letter to the duchess and new mama, Kate.

Apartment, Dogs and Contentment
How to deal with discontentment.

A sweet reminder through a child's eyes.

Here Is Good, Too
Being content in the mundane moments.

Seeing A Woman
A conversation between a father and a son on how to see a woman.

26, Unmarried and Childless
How "What's next?" doesn't have to involve marriage or children.

Happy reading.

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