Week Thirty-Seven: 21 graces.

September 21, 2013

(Sorry so late! See number 16.)

For an introduction to 21 Graces, visit this post. It's never too late to jump on in!
  1. The spirit of college football.
  2. Celebrating at a baby shower with other couples.
  3. A baby who is easy to run errands with.
  4. An extra unexpected discount.
  5. Liam's "conversations" in the back seat.
  6. Putting a big work event past me.
  7. The atmosphere of working around kids.
  8. Fellowship.
  9. Liam laughing with me in the middle of the night (which made that middle of the night wake-up call more bearable).
  10. People's willingness to help.
  11. Friendly baristas who ask me about my day in more depth.
  12. Liam's earlier bedtime.
  13. A great report from his doctor at his six-month check-up.
  14. My husband helping me out at work early in the morning.
  15. Almost daily FaceTime sessions with Juney.
  16. Coming to the end of a hectic, scattered two weeks. (I'm glad to have my brain back.)
  17. Learning my own heart.
  18. Refreshing showers right before bed.
  19. A flexible daycare.
  20. My internal alarm clock waking me up when my real one doesn't.
  21. Finding out my sweet friend Jen is having her baby any moment now.

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