Thank you, fellow passengers.

October 16, 2013

Last week was my third round-trip flight with Liam in his short almost-seven months. 

That has to be some kind of record.

With all of my immediate family living back in Texas, I've made sure to make it a point to get Liam out to visit as often as we can. Even though it's exhausting traveling solo with a baby, I'd do it every weekend if I could to make sure he gets time with his Texas family.

The things is, no one enjoys a baby on the plane. I'll admit - in my kidless days, I immediately cringed when I heard a crying baby board the plane. Oh, no. This is going to be a long, loud flight. And I admit that I wondered to myself, Can't she make that baby stop crying?

And then I became the mom boarding the flight with a whiny baby who, no, I can't make stop crying because I've used up all of my ammo: food, sleep and toys. What he wants is to be off the plane and I doubt the pilot is good with a pitstop mid-air. And I think his diaper is wet but the seatbelt light is on and the bathroom is occupied anyway and I am so tempted to change his diaper right here on my lap because who really cares but I'll just try to distract him into thinking his diaper isn't really all that wet.

So I apologize for all of the times I judged you, parents traveling with babies. I get it.

I plan on doing a "tips when traveling with babies" post (or "tips to survive traveling with babies" or "tips to keep your brain intact when traveling with babies"), but until then, I want to give a big thank you to those I encountered on our last three trips. 

Thank you for giving in to the fact that you're stuck in the middle seat next to me and my baby, and giving me a smile anyway.

Thank you for asking how old he is and what his name is and showing interest in us.

Thank you for picking up his toy right after he flung it out into the aisle.

Thank you, fellow mama, for handing me a wipe when his bottle dropped on the floor.

Thank you for letting me place my drink on your tray table so his flailing legs wouldn't spill it all over us. 

Thank you for letting him play with the tassel on your Michael Kohrs purse.

Thank you for grabbing my iPad just before it fell off my lap.

Thank you for holding the bottle of water as I try to mix it up for him.

Thank you for offering to hold my baby so that, in your words, you could give him a change of scenery.

Thank you that, when he spit up on your shoulder, you simply said, "Oh, it's nothing," and you casually wiped it off with your drink napkin.

Thank you for also acting like him drooling all over your arm was nothing and also casually wiping it off with your drink napkin.

Thank you for making a joke out of it when he decided to cry instead of nap for the fourth time on the same flight.

Thank you for carrying the diaper bag off of the plane for me as I carried a (finally) sleeping baby.

Most of all, thank you for your patience and understanding as I travel with a baby who I can't reason with. Thanks for making me feel like it was okay that he was just being what he is - a baby.

Flying with a baby is hard - there's no question. But when God placed these helpful passengers right next to me, it's as though I felt His favor on me the entire flight.

So, thank you.

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  1. I definitely judged parents too and now I feel awful for doing that. They are trying hard to keep their baby content and it's much harder than it looks sometimes. They feel worse than the passengers, so people should give them a break!

  2. Please your sweet heart! I'm due in December with our first and with my family located in Kentucky, I know experiences like yours are in my future. Bless the folks on the flight with you who acknowledged you and assisted you too. I look forward to your "tips" posts, I'll be sure to read and save that bookmark!!!!!


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