Being intentional: November.

November 04, 2013

One thing I've learned since Liam joined our lives is that I have to be intentional. If I want to meet up with a friend, I have to make it happen. If I want to tackle a household chore, I have to specifically carve out time to do so. If Chris and I want a night out, we have to plan it.

Inspired by Jen, I am going to post five goals a month that will help me be more intentional and productive with my time. When I post goals the following month, I'll include an update on how I did. (Here's to hoping it's always good!) Feel free to join!

1. Organize and store Liam's clothes. The kid is going through clothes a onesie per minute, so I am constantly throwing clothes aside as he outgrows them. I was really good at putting them away in the beginning, but now it has gotten away from me. My plan is to vacuum seal his clothes up so we can put them away and utilize the most space in our not-so-storage-friendly home.

2. Read a book. Back in January before Liam was born, I wrote this post about 13 books I plan to read in 2013. (Ha! Isn't that funny? I thought I would have time to read books.) I've read a total of 2 1/2 and I desperately want the satisfaction of reading and finishing a book. 

3. Go for more evening walks. The weather is beautiful and begging for us to get out more. Unfortunately, by the end of the day we are tired and counting the minutes until the bedtime routine begins. This month, I want to try and force us out of the house.

4. Take clothes to consignment store. I feel like each time I look in my closet, I am finding more and more clothes to get rid of (which would explain the pile of clothes currently in my bedroom). I was pregnant last winter, so all of my current winter clothes are from two years ago. They either don't fit as well or I don't like them as much anymore. I've been successful at making a few extra bucks by consigning unwanted clothes; I just need to load the items into my car and take them in on my lunch break.

5. Take time for myself. I am awful at doing this - even before motherhood. I am also awful at asking for help, so instead of saying, "I'm going to get out by myself for an hour," I just don't. And I so need it.

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