Being intentional: December.

December 02, 2013

For November, I did so-so on my goals. It's amazing how quickly life and our busy schedule and working full-time (and Liam) get in the way.

As a positive, I stored Liam's clothes away and took my unwanted clothes to the consignment store. I started a book (but admittedly, didn't finish it). I also admittedly took little time to myself because, well, it seems like there is just very little time with my husband's schedule and all that has to happen in our little house of three. (I'm hoping I can squeeze in a consistent time away soon.) And the evening walks? By the time I get home from work, it's almost dark, Liam is off to his dinner and bedtime routine, and I solo-parent several nights a week. We are trying to fit this into the nights Chris is home. I know. Excuses, excuses.

But on to December!

1. Be done with all of the Christmas shopping by December 15. We are so close to accomplishing this goal. Just a few more presents to go and I can cross this off the list.

2. Read a book (for real, this time). I love, love, love reading. I need to find time to read that isn't first thing in the morning when we are scrambling to get all three of us out the door or right before bedtime when all I want to do is crash. So many good books are waiting for me.

3. Start an intentional morning devotion. I need this back in my life. Period.

4. Do a deep clean on the house to have a fresh start in the New Year. Life has kept us busy and our house has been on the backburner. We need to take time to just give it a good, deep clean so we can go away for Christmas with that task off our shoulders.

5. Do a deep purge on the house to clear away the clutter. I love going through baskets and boxes and drawers and giving stuff away or tossing it out. (It's dangerous, actually.) This is my mission for this month.

What are your goals for December?

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  1. Love this! I was just talking with a friend about how I need to be more intentional in my life. Thanks for this post! I may have to share a similar list on my blog. : )


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