It takes a village.

January 14, 2014

I've heard people say, "It takes a village!" I just thought they meant the village is needed to raise up the child, and I thought, It doesn't take that many people to feed, clothe and care for this kid.

I learned what it meant this last week. 

Because that village? They're for the mama.

As of last Monday night, our sleeps-twelve-hours-a-night-straight baby started waking up every one to two hours for a total of five to six times a night. He's been miserable. A few of those nights, my husband was working the night shift, and another one of those nights, he was running a high fever. So I basically haven't slept in eight days. 

We laid out all the options: Teething? Virus? Getting used to us coming into his room at night? Ear infection? Karma for having a baby who slept so well the first ten months of his life? We were finally able to see a doctor on Monday and get a prescription to fix whatever it was that was keeping him up at night. But Monday was a long way from last Monday.

Until then, it took a village for this mama.

My friend Ginger texted me on Saturday asking if I needed coffee or lunch. Chris had just walked in the door after being gone for 18 hours straight and the thought of someone delivering lunch to us was a relief. 

Another friend sells essential oils and vitamins, and offered up a temporary solution to provide some relief. While we had run away for a couple of hours to grab a quick dinner and much-needed glass of wine, she dropped off a bag of goods that gave him (and us) a night of extra sleep.

We were only able to sneak out thanks to a spontaneous drop-in from my mother-in-law who manned the camera waiting for him to wake up, and willingly rocked him back to sleep when he did.

Another friend came over to watch Downton Abbey with me on Sunday night - a sense of normal for me - and patiently sat back as I paused and fast-forwarded through the show each time Liam decided to wake up and join us.

Getting an email from Katie was a weight off my shoulders as I sat in the dark on Saturday night (on the couch, nonetheless, while my husband was quarantined to our room with a fever) telling me that she wasn't sleeping either, and knowing I wasn't the only one - when it felt like I was the only one - was encouraging.

Finally, when I opened my email on Sunday night, Casey had sent me a $5 eCard to Starbucks which came in handy the next morning as I got up early with a baby to go to a doctor's appointment.

The texts, calls, emails, comments - that was the village I needed. Cheerleaders. Supporters. Encouragers. I-got-your-back-ers.

He slept ten hours straight last night. I think we're on the up-and-up. 

As for me, I'm filled to the brim with extra sleep and love, and the village that kept me up and going.

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  1. You are very blessed to have such a sweet and generous group of villagers. Love you. Mama


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