Liam's eleventh month.

March 04, 2014

(In just ten days, he will go and turn one. ONE. I better post about his second to last month before his first year is behind us!)

Growing: At eleven months, he weighed around 24 pounds or so. He still has five teeth: three top and two bottom. One of the top ones has been trying to pop through for a while, but we're still waiting.

Wearing: He's in all 18-month clothes. He has a few 24-month pajamas scattered into the mix. He made the switch to size 4 diapers this month, too.

Eating: He eats three meals a day with an occasional snack and he takes five 5-ounce bottles. His favorites this month are turkey, cheese, and black-eyed peas. His ultimate favorite is still banana.

Doing: He is walking! He started walking about halfway through his tenth month, and now it's becoming more of a confident stride.

Loving: He loves Mia's water bowl (if we don't catch him in time), cuddling (or clinging, really), and bath time.

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  1. SWOOOOON!!!!!!! Oh my stars, he is precious. My mom tells a story about when I was little (about Liam's age) that I would try to feed our dogs with my fork and spoon. I'd sit on the floor in front of their food bowl and dip one kernel of dog food onto my spoon. I have no doubt I did this for hours, as I was head-over-heels in love with our two Dobermans. They were HUGE dogs (over 125lbs) but they adored me.


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