Dear Liam, You are one year old.

April 03, 2014

Dear Liam,

You are one year old. One year. It has been a busy, crazy, exciting year for all of us and this is such a milestone for our family.

You have accomplished so much in this last year and I am in awe of all you continue to do. I watched you hit milestone after milestone, and your busy self kept you going. 

You were never a baby that just sat still or played independently. (And I am now seeing that you won't be this as a toddler, either!) This was tiring, mostly, but also exciting to see what you would do next. By 3 months, you were rolling around. By 5 months, you were sitting up by yourself. By 6 months, you were crawling away. By 7 months, you were standing, trying to figure out your next move. And by 10 months, you were walking and it was all over from there. It happened too fast, buddy. You were always on the move.

But the main attribute I've noticed about you, and it was made even more clear in your twelfth month, is that you are such an easygoing kid. You were a great sleeper from the very beginning and you dropped nighttime bottles without a hitch. You have always been easily entertained, and you sit back and let me cart you from store to store which make errands with a little one so much easier. You took on solid foods like a champ and you still eat whatever I offer you. Food is food, in your book. 

The biggest indicator was when I switched you from bottles of formula to sippy cups of milk on your one-year birthday. You didn't even look back. You've officially been bottle-free since you turned one and my anxieties and hesitations about how hard the transition would be never had to come to fruition. You just did it. 

Truth is, your busyness and easygoing personality are an answer to my unspoken prayer: God, how do I do this?

I am anxiety-prone and you've made me into a mama who can relax a bit and enjoy you. You fall and you get up like it was nothing. I switch up your bottle routine and you just eat more at meal time to make up for it. I toss you into the car seat when we've both had a long day and you just sit back and go with the flow, which usually leads us to Target, if I'm being honest.

And if I'm being honest, your busyness has been exhausting at times. There isn't a moment I am with you that I can just sit. I can't really trust you in the other room by yourself because you are most likely pulling things off of the dining table. If we are outside, you're off and running. If you're in the grocery cart, you're looking for an escape route. By the end of the day, I am tired. But once you're in bed and I've sat down for a few minutes, I sneak into your room where your tired body is sound asleep. Sometimes I even pick you up and rock you, and you nuzzle your hot face into my neck and in that moment, you are still. And I can hold you and rock your sleeping self, something your awake self doesn't let me do too often.

You are so much more a toddler now than a baby, always going, going, going. I appreciate the still moments as much as I appreciate the not so still moments, and I am learning to be ever present through all of them.

Here's to another good, growing, grace-filled year, buddy.

I love you,

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And just so you think his monthly photo sessions are all cooperative with lots of smiles:

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