Finish this.

May 14, 2014

This game is called "Finish This," and all you have to do is finish the following prompts and link up your post with the one of the hosts: JenNicoleLisa or Becky.

A lesson I learned from my mom…
is to just let go and let God. Honestly, sometimes I call her just for confirmation that the world isn't crashing down and Liam's busted lip (again) isn't going to mess him up for life.

To burn calories, I…chase, pick up, hold, put down, pick up, walk up the stairs with, walk down the stairs with, put down, pick up, put down, chase, pick up and hold Liam. He's my work-out/dieting/fitness plan which is great for someone who doesn't like to work out, diet or participate much in fitness.

My best hair day was…about seven and a half months ago when I last got it cut. I know, it's sad. (But I do plan on getting it cut this week...)

I am grateful for…more than I can list, but right now, I am especially grateful for a job that is flexible and a toddler that is easygoing.

Next week's prompts:
My favorite recipe is...
I believe in...
I need to set boundaries...
I began living when...

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  1. The toddler exercise regime is pretty effective! Add in the "I eat in small bites when the vultures haven't descended upon my plate because the same food tastes better on my plate than theirs" and you have a full on diet!

  2. Oh my, you really work out! I better get ready, Kamden is five months but I'll be in your shoes soon enough!!!!

  3. another great excercise video that needs making...

  4. Love you and your mom and your toddler!

  5. Found my way over via the Finish This link up!

    I can definitely relate to your best hair day, mine is the same, anytime I leave the salon, which isn't often :/


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