Five Years Ago Today

June 20, 2014

I'm dusting off an old post to celebrate the fact that Chris and I met five years ago today. Since the time I wrote the post below, we've added Liam to our nest which makes me look back even more fondly at that hot summer night in June.

Dear Chris,

Three years ago tonight, I met up with a few girlfriends at a local, dusty bar. I had just been on an awful date the night before and there I was, again, jaded and guarded.

But then you walked in and before I knew it, we were talking. And I stood there, guarded, but you kept at it. I excused myself for just a moment, and that's when I heard it. I heard Him. His voice. He said, "This is it."

It's been three years since you got my number. Three years since you took me on our first date. Three years since I let in to what would become the rest of my life.

Sometimes when it's hard, and we both know there have been hard times, I wonder if we jumped in too soon. If three months to engaged was a quick step. Or if a five month engagement wasn't long enough. I wonder if getting married nine months to the day we met was cutting it short.

And then I hear those words again, so clearly, "This is it."

This is it. We are it.

The thing is, it was all right at the time. Something in me - something in you - was so strongly pulled that night. If at the time it felt right, so, so right, then who am I to question it?

It's what keeps me devoted on the days when I question and doubt. That feelings, those words, the certainty of that night keeps me focused on the long haul.

We were certain of each other. We were certain we were in the other's next chapter. We were certain the rest of our stories would be penned by the other.

I don't blink an eye at those who fall in love in just a few weeks. I don't think twice about those who others see as rushing into it. I now believe in love at first sight, first meeting.

We had it. We still have it. It's a story to tell, and I tell it often.

And each time I pass by the dusty bar, I think, "That was it."

You are it.

I love you,

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