October 10, 2014

It's October. It's actually almost mid-October. The first nine months of the year have been a tad crazy and I feel like I am just now settling into 2014. And we're almost done. 

2013 began with a pregnant belly playing host to a baby girl or baby boy (we didn't know), a residence in a rental house in a part of town we just love, and two stable jobs. 2013 ended with a very active baby boy, a smaller residence in a more unfamiliar part of town, and one stable job and one complete career change.

2013 was a full year of change. Baby. Moving. New career. New family schedule.

Learning how to be a family of three and moving to a smaller place just one month in while balancing night classes and new roles of parenthood and new roles in our marriage and a new career path and a tighter budget - it's been a challenge for all three of us.

2014 has been a a year of getting used to that change.

But in all the change and challenges, we've seen snippets of big grace given to us to get over the mountains.

We have a baby-turned-toddler who sleeps so well and is beyond easy-going, making working full-time and solo-parenting throughout the week a bit easier.

We have jobs that allow us flexibility when a sick baby or a trip or life pops up.

We have friends with little ones who invite us over to dinner and for play dates and who get this stage of life we're in.

Now, with the holidays right around the corner, we've gotten used to the mountains and it's a little easier to breathe. We're still holding hands walking down the rocky slopes.

I am still working full-time outside of the house and Liam is loving his school while I'm away. Chris works a job that requires night shifts, and is preparing to go back to school full-time at the start of the year by taking classes along the way. We've trimmed and clipped and realized one car would be just enough for now, so our days require a bit more planning.

We are tired and stretched, but our time (and spending) has become so much more intentional and prioritized, which is what we were missing all along. 

And even with all this change, our love and life feels bigger and simpler and a little more calm.

(I plan on being back here more often, I promise.)

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