September 12, 2015

I am fully aware it's been five months since I last posted. This happens sometimes with this eight-year-old blog.

Our life has been cluttered lately. A lot of it comes with the territory of having a husband in school full-time and both of us working full-time jobs outside of the house and typically only having one day a week to spend together, but some of it comes with taking on too much knowing full well that we don't have much time to give to everything extra.

I've been tackling that clutter.

Physically, I've been clearing out closets and baskets and cupboards and rooms. I've taken a second look at things that I have because it worked for a time or someone gave it to me. I've been asking myself if it works now, and if it doesn't, it goes. We are down to one car which I am loving more and more each passing month. The three of us and a dog are close-knit in our two-bedroom house that we are updating and beautifying with each passing project. There are baskets full of all sorts of things to take to Goodwill (and I think Chris is scared that if he leaves the house for too long, he will come back to a big, empty room). We are keeping a modest budget without the extras of cable and eating out and all of the things I wish I could have but know it will only add to the clutter I am desperately trying to keep at bay.

Mentally, I've been keeping our schedules somewhat open after the long work days and really trying to keep our days off together sacred. We could easily fill them up with busy errands going opposite directions or separate time with friends, so I've tried to have an intentional family time each weekend where the three of us do something unique and fun together.

Emotionally, I've been keeping away from too many yes's and keeping the priority of our family on what works best for the three of us. When I find us straying from us, is when I find stress and busyness creep in.

Blog-ally, I've taken down ads and sidebars and cleaned up this space so that I can really just focus on the words.

Basically, I am getting really good at saying no to things I don't need. (And saying yes to things that truly fill me up, like writing as a contributor over on East Valley Moms Blog and helping coordinate With Joy Retreat.)

This season has been wearing on us, but I am thankful for the ways it has refined us, too. In our personal lives, marriage, parenting and trust in Him, we are being whittled down and refined to focus on what really matters and what is best for us.

And until we see just what's in store, we are getting by on lots of coffee and grace.

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